Sunday, August 7, 2011

Escape! Season 1, Episode 10

Well, well, well . . . it looks like some of our team members are missing. I wonder where they can be found. Look out for the hot lava.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

This week on Escape!

Our teams are in Hawaii, but they still don't know what their next adventure will be. As they settle into their hotels, tensions rise between the team members.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Escape! Season 1, Episode 8

"Well, our final two teams are on their way to beautiful Hawaii!" Chance Cagney announced, grinning his trademark grin. "But some inter-team drama is about to unfold. Will someone lose a team member before the final challenge begins? Let's watch . . ."

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Week Seven!

We're getting near the end of our first season run, and boy are you in for a treat. So are our escapees for that matter. We're down to our final destination, a multi-week adventure in paradise. Exciting no? I certainly can't wait to do the hula.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Escape! Season 1, Episode 6

“Welcome back to Escape!” Chance Cagney flashed the camera a smile.
“We appear to be down to two teams now: Team Introv3rsion and Team Promethiad! We hope they enjoyed their short vacation in Disneyland and Disneyworld because they are about to meet with a new challenge . . .” He paused, hoping for dramatic effect and turned to another camera, which hurried to pull in for a close-up. “They must get through a haunted house.”
He lowered his voice. “Now, I know there are those among our audience that may not believe in ghosts. I am here to tell you that things are not always what they seem. As always, our teams must evade the Hunters. Perhaps their abilities will help them, perhaps not. We shall see. If our teams make it through these haunted houses, they will be eligible for our final challenge for this season, which we shall announce next week. In the meantime, let’s see how our two teams handle being faced with things that go bump in the night—or day.”

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Escape! Season 1, Episode 5

            “Welcome back to Escape!” Chance Cagney declared, smiling widely for the camera. “Last time we saw our teams, they were struggling through the desert or swamp. They faced great perils, as well as the Hunters.”
            “Unfortunately, since two of our teams didn't make it through the desert or swamp, they will not be reaping the rewards. They should return soon. However, three teams, Team Introv3rsion, Team Promethiad and Team Gremlin, will have an exciting break this week: they're going to Disney!”
            “Each team has been given tickets to either Disneyland or Disneyworld,” Chance continued. “Which park they will be visiting is, of course, dependent upon whether they chose to go to California or Florida for their challenge. I’m sure this will be a much-welcome break for them, because next week we will have an even more difficult challenge for them to face! In the meantime, let’s see how our teams spend their time off…”

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Escape! Season 1, Episode 4: Coast to Coast

    “Good evening and welcome back. This is... Escape! Tonight our teams are racing across the country, some going east, some west, heading for - “
    “Uh Mr. Cagney?” said the balding man behind the camera.
    Chance Cagney pursed his lips and held his rage in check. “You just ruined the shot, Bob.”
    “It’s Tom, actually. And we weren’t rolling, sorry.”
    Cagney sighed. He was used to more professionalism than this. “You are aware I am also executive producer, director and writer, in addition to being the star of this little production, aren’t you?”
    “Well, yes sir,” said Tom the camera man, who gave the other crew members a nervous glance. They all avoided looking at him. “But...”
    “But what, Bob?”
    “It’s Tom. Aren’t the kids the stars?”
    Cagney smiled a little smile that made him look more sinister than mirthful, like a snake preparing to snap it’s mouth open and strike. “Why, of course they are. They are the talent, the reason why we are going to be the biggest thing since that show about the castaways, whatever it was called. And do you, Tom, know what won’t be part of that success?”
    Tom gulped and shook his head no.
    “You,” said Cagney, and smiling sweetly he nodded at a couple hulking security goons. As Tom was dragged away, Cagney straightened his tie. When he looked up someone had already replaced Tom and was giving him the thumbs up.
    Chance Cagney cleared his throat again and started over.
    “Good evening, I am your host Chance Cagney. Tonight our teams are racing to opposite ends of the country, bound for challenges unknown and chased, literally running for their lives. Should they succeed, their reward will be truly magical. Should they fail, there will be no escape from their fate. Hold on to your chair, because this... is Escape!”